Kallax Montessori wardrobe: IKEA hack made easy

kallax montessori wardrobe ikea hackWe all use a wardrobe every single day of our lives. Having an accessible wardrobe is key to develop so many important skills, such as choosing our own clothes and dressing ourselves. This is why having an accessible Montessori wardrobe for babies and children is so important. In this post I’ll explain how we made the one in these photos! Ready for the Ikea hack Kallax Montessori wardrobe?

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Ikea hack Kallax Montessori wardrobe

You can get the IKEA materials in-store or with online delivery (in my experience their delivery costs are quite expensive). These are the IKEA.com links for the Kallax and the double drawer inserts.

Luckily though, Amazon also sells these IKEA products online, making it easier for people that don’t have a store close enough.

Materials needed:

Kallax Montessori Wardrobe Ikea Hack step by step

Step-by-step instructions for the Ikea hack Kallax Montessori wardrobe:

  1. Build the Kallax shelf as per instructions, just don’t put the left-side middle shelf.
  2. Cut off half of the wooden dowels that stick out from the middle area.
  3. Follow the instructions of the 2 x double drawer inserts (total of 4 drawers) to install them.
  4. Use the double-sided tape to stick the acrylic mirror on the side you desire. Ensure the mirror is placed at the highest part of the wardrobe.
  5. Install the curtain rod in the empty area next to the drawers, install until firmly secure.
  6. Place the hangers in the curtain rod.
  7. Stick the clothes labels to the different drawers as desired. Cut, colour and stick with clear tape to the drawers.

It’s all set!

Why little ones benefit from a Montessori wardrobe

Before going into the materials and step by step instructions for hacking the Kallax, let’s talk about why it’s so beneficial for little ones.


Everything has a specific place and there are not many options. That’s because only clothes that are suitable for the kid’s current size and season are there. Whatever is too small/too big/inappropriate for the weather (winter vs. summer) is stored in a different room or the garage. Keeping it simple for them avoids overwhelming feelings. Plus, it’s easier to stay organized.


They are able to observe, touch and feel the clothes, their colours, textures without limits.


They can help put items in the right place, tidy up if they took clothes away, sort the different parts. Of course, when they are little they won’t collaborate much, but they learn from observation, soon they’ll want to tidy up together with you! It’s also good to have a dirty clothes basket closer accessible for them. Ours is just in front of the wardrobe, not visible on the photos. They can use it independently and will definitely reduce the mess of having clothes dropped on the floor.

Kallax Montessori Wardrobe Ikea hackSelf-esteem

Having a mirror at their height encourages them to appreciate their image, the different outfits (pyjamas vs. sport vs. smart), their physical features. Also important to learn facial expressions, emotions and reactions. The mirror we placed on the side of the Kallax wardrobe is acrylic, no chance of breaking meaning no chance of accidents.


Being able to access their own clothes independently promotes physical coordination. They learn to open and close drawers carefully and safely, place the hangers in the rod, place clothes in the correct places.


The sensitive period for order is so important for the development of this essential skill. Having labels of what items go in each area helps them be organised at the same time as helping them to locate clothes easily when they’re looking for something.

Clothes labels for Montessori wardrobe

Free pdf download here

printable clothes labels for Montessori wardrobe - Kallax hack

Do you also have a Kallax Montessori wardrobe? Or another Montessori closet? Please share in comments your children’s experience!

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In the following video from my Youtube channel you’ll find more details about why Montessori wardrobes are so important for babies, toddlers and kids.

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