Cute & Quick Christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers

Christmas is around the corner! Winter is coming! Time to have tons of fun and feel the joy. I’ve got cute Christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers to share with you! Plus, a free printable colouring Christmas booklet!

Has anyone been waiting for this time of the year?! Not that I wear Christmas socks all year round or anything but… THE WAIT IS OVER! My little one loves Christmas lights and decorations so much. Of course, that includes a deep love for Christmas crafts too! These are some of the quickest but still cute to do with little ones:

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Christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers

With their usual short attention span (as expected for babies and toddlers), these ideas are quick and easy for them to enjoy but not get frustrated by staying still for too long! 

christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers

Hand-shapes reindeer

As simple as cutting two hand shapes (opposite hands) in brown paper and sticking them together with a warm scarf.

White snowman footprint

Upside down white footprint over some not-as-white card!

Brown reindeer handprint.

Be ready with a big red nose! Maybe a pompom or a sticker

Christmas tree hanging decoration

Wooden hanging ornament decorated with Christmas confetti and their own style, glue and tons of love! Why not adding the date to always remember?

Christmas tree silhouette with fingerprints

Cut a Christmas tree shape and stick it to a cardboard. Have fun painting everywhere around the tree and when the paint gets dry remove the silhouette. We used finger paints for little ones (safe and non-toxic). This is definitely one of our favourite crafts!

christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers felt christmas tree

Lastly, we love our DIY Felt Christmas tree. We got it when she was 1 and it’s still going strong years later. All the decorations have Velcro so it’s safe and fun. Also it helps to develop fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills i.e. standing up and reaching for the highest decorations. Great for talking about colours, counting same type of ornaments, finding a specific item… As I said, we love it!

Free Christmas colouring booklet

My little one is very crafty. Loves colouring, painting, drawing and all sorts. Therefore, of course, she absolutely loved this Christmas printable booklet! You can download the pdf for free here.

christmas craft ideas for babies and toddlers - christmas colouring book

Have you done any of these crafts with your little ones?! We’d love to see them! Feel free to post them on our Facebook Community or leave a comment below.

If you’re looking for an amazing gift for 12 to 24 months old, you’ll love these incredible ideas.

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