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A search and find book in Spanish and French

spanish french children's book

Where did the idea came from?

Originally, this was a present idea for my little one. I strongly believed it could be loved by many toddlers and young children, so I decided to publish it so many others could enjoy the fun.

My toddler is absolutely in love with search and find books. She also thrives looking at real pictures, probably due to our Montessori approach. Our family is multilingual, the two main languages being Spanish and English (we are Spanish and have lived in the United Kingdom for the past few years). So… why not create a bilingual search and find book with real photos? I started taking shots at home of our things. I used a professional camera, a computer and lots of love!

I hope this book brings so much joy to your family too.


★ Learn Spanish and French through play

★ More than 160 things to find

★ 18 vocabulary topics: animals, colours, numbers, clothes, food, instruments and many more!

★ Encourages communication development

People have said...

Bought this for my 16month old. She really loves pointing to the pictures that she recognises. Great for colours and counting too.​
It is an ideal book to learn vocabulary at any age and very useful for the little ones as they learn through play. Good idea to use photographs of real objects that can be found at home. It's good help both to learn English and Spanish as well as to expand vocabulary. A good gift option
Amazon Client (translated)
Excellent book for bilingual education and to spike toddlers curiosity
Very useful and affordable.
It is a very complete book to increase his vocabulary in both languages, it's not only about learning words, but also counting them. For example: two sheep, a cat, four glitter tubes. Super!
Vanessa (translated)
Very good for my 7-year-old daughter. It motivates her to read and improve spelling in both languages.
Andrea (translated)

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